My Story

A love of cars took Dan into the motor trade at a young age. Here he learnt the art of sales, customer retention and as often as possible saying ‘yes’.

His positive approach took him into the arms of Red Bull, assisting in organising the events we’ve all seen and heard about. But a love for his home county brought him back down to the South West.

Starting a property servicing company his ‘yes man’ attitude has served him very well in the hospitality industry. He understands the needs of both owners and guests, ensuring that when a problem arises, it’s solved as quickly as he can say ‘yes’. This can do attitude is perfect for ensuring our operations run smoothly.

My Skills





Property and Land Development




Logo Design


Nights out


Clean Freak

Cups in the office sink, dust on a curtain rail or a smudge on a window. If it’s not clean he get’s irritated. His property checkers follow the same standards.

Speedy responses

Dan’ s not one to sit around when an inbox is filling up. Enquiry, query or problem, you can expect a fast response.

24/7 Calm

Keep calm and carry on. A cliche but one that sings true in Dan’s world. An air of calm helps to solve the toughest of problems.