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To be by the sea…

Owners, Brad and Lindsay, converted three properties next to Praa Sands beach and began letting with a traditional agent.

Two years in they could see the potential, they were letting well, but there was a feeling that there was more to be had, the cream as such.

So we chatted over a cup of tea or two. We dug and delved into who was the right market and how we could attract them with our unique approach.

We identified some key traits of guests. Where they came from, what they liked, how old they were and whether it was important that they could bring a pet.

All year round.

We wanted to increase sales and reduce costs, two big challenges as occupancy was already good and the owners savvy purchasing meant their cost base was impressive for the standards they achieve.

We managed to lower linen costs offering an annual saving.

We then went about building a brand, focussed entirely on their needs. This included a branding exercise with dedicated website, online booking, signage, postcards and advertising.

The results speak for themselves. We achieved 51% growth in sales in year 1 against the previous agent and future bookings are looking healthier than ever.

"I should never have had any doubts. They know what they're doing and it shows, we've never been so busy. It's been our best year by far."

Brad Trethewey

"We just keep coming back as we love Praa Sands. Wood burner, beach, dog friendly and all the good bits too, nothing not to like"

Nick B, Guest

Capturing a niche

Brad and Lindsay’s portfolio welcome one and all, but we know that it’s uniqueness in terms of location, views and being pet-friendly will attract a certain demographic. So we set out to attract these guests and invite them to stay…

Gaps? What gaps?

Initial concerns about a smaller operator taking on the portfolio were soon set to rest when the bookings came flooding in. Each month saw growth on previous years and our team wouldn’t sit still until ALL the gaps were filled.

One port of call

Previously the owners had to supplement their agencies marketing with their own channels to fill weeks. Guests weren’t sure who to book with and Brad and Lindsay couldn’t relax like they deserved to. No longer a problem, all guests talk to us and we handle all correspondence under one roof, in brand and in-tone.

Repeat bookings v New bookings

To achieve great sales and bookings we knew that we couldn’t rest on our laurels and rely on repeat custom, finding new guests was key. We’ve now reached the point where we see a 49% repeat rate and 51% new guests. A good balance and feedback shows 99% go home very happy.

Sales Growth in YR 1
Cups of tea for Brad
Repeat Guests

Beach Stays Praa Sands

See our site in action...


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