Hawkes Point

Hello we're Hawkes Point


Luxury by the sea.

A unique development of luxury apartments in Carbis Bay, near St Ives. Designed, developed and built specifically as holiday accommodation, Hawkes Point was borne out of 15 of the 33 in the development.

Carefully designed interiors with designer fabrics, quality appliances and excellent mattresses took the Hawkes Point to a 5* level from the outset.

A successful launch in 2009 brought luxury accommodation to the outskirts of the bustling fishing town of St Ives at a time when Carbis Bay was beginning to form itself as a destination within itself.

After 5 successful years, Hawkes Point was starting to see sales plateaux and the existing website and branding no longer giving the business what it needed.

The Zenia team knew what to do…

Designed living.

With 5 years of guest data we were able to evaluate who was staying at Hawkes Point and from this  work with partners to design a brand and new website to welcome them.

A new booking system was built too. As peak seasons were already fully booked Zenia felt the real opportunity was in the shoulder and low seasons. We found our guests looked for more flexibility on arrival days and length of stays. So we specified this as a requirement of the system.

We’ve been actively working on improving email campaigns to ensure tangible benefits for the businesses. This has been tied into social media paid advertising strategies to offer complete campaigns.

In 2016 the business has surpassed previous sales records, feedback continues to be excellent and the brand has a far larger following.

"I should never have had any doubts. They know what they're doing and it shows, we've never been so busy. It's been our best year by far."

Brad Trethewey

"We just keep coming back as we love Praa Sands. Wood burner, beach, dog friendly and all the good bits too, nothing not to like"

Nick B, Guest

Carving space in a saturated market

St Ives and Carbis Bay have been growing exponentially in terms of holiday property stock, competition is fiercer than ever. With the luxury sector seeing the fastest growth we knew being 5* was no longer a USP. We had to narrow down our market and target them directly to avoid wasted marketing.

Gaps? What gaps?

We’ve said it before but we HATE vacant properties. The challenge here was to create a system that meant all gaps could be filled and then use clever marketing strategies to ensure the properties were let as much as possible. The result, increased occupancy, sales and ultimately the bottom line.

Evolutionary Marketing

In a competitive market there is no time to stand still. Our marketing team knows this all to well and we’ve tried several state of the art tactics to ensure the bookings keep rolling in at an ever increasing pace. By measuring each campaign we can benefit from new technologies and features, also preventing our client base from receiving ‘boring’ marketing.

Repeat bookings v New bookings

When Zenia looked at the guest database we realised we had some powerful information. Customer retention was going to be a great marketing option as it was likely to be less costly. In 2016 we increased our repeat customer rate to 64%.

Repeat Customers
Scones this year
Bottles of Bubbly this Year

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